Gerry Starnes, M.Ed. has been a teacher, author, and practitioner in the Austin, Texas area since the 1990s.
His practice is built upon more than 30 years of experience and training in a variety of traditions and techniques.

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The Shamanic Journey:
A Beginner's Guide to Journeying
Ongoing Coaching and Classes Online!

Creating Your Shamanic Practice is a 12-month subscription course designed to help you learn about shamanic practice and to integrate those practices into your everyday life. Each week, subscribers receive a 6-12 minute video lesson with accompanying materials. These may include articles, exercises, downloadable sound files and more relevant to the topic.

The course The Shamanic Journey consists of four modules: three videos and a new 15-minute journey track, A Shamanic Journey Into Mother Earth. It is available NOW at a low introductory price of $5.

Wolves In The Woods: Breaking the Cycle of Fear
What is fear? How does it affect you? and what can you do about it? This series of videos and exercises offers you clear information and tools to work with every day.
  • If fear did not stop you, what would you say?
  • If fear did not stop you, what would you do?
  • If fear did not stop you, who would you be?

The new seven-day workshop, Wolves in the Woods: Breaking the Cycle of Fear, is now available. Modules include:

  • The Anatomy of Fear
  • Dealing With Fear
  • Anxiety, The Little Death
  • What ARE You Afraid Of?
And much more. Register today and begin your journey toward what you want, rather than away from what you do not want.
Spirit Paths Online: The Quest for Authenticity
Is your life missing a sense of connection, a sense of purpose? Have you done the "social program" to find happiness, only to discover that it really does not work? What is the meaning in your life?

Spirit Paths Online has been launched! Based on the 6-month immersive experience and award-winning book, this 20-week program delivers the key content and many of the exercises in the live program designed to help you to dig past your programming and limitations to find your authentic self.

Gerry Starnes, creator of the Spirit Paths™ program, suggests that "The only thing that we have to bring to the table in life is our authentic self. The key questions are: 'What do you REALLY want?' and 'Who do you want to be when you die?'"

The Spirit Paths™ program helps you to answer those questions, to learn new ways of thinking about life, and how to bring your authentic self forward into your everyday life.

Learn more about the Shamanic Passages Institute...

The Austin Shamanism Community meets weekly to learn and practice the shamanic journey together. We also gather quarterly for celebrations around the solstices and equinoxes. Most journey circles are on Wednesday evenings, and an average of 20-30 people attend. For more information, please visit and join our Austin Shamanism Meetup. And join the conversation on the Austin Community Facebook page.

Community Events and Workshops
  • Introduction to Shamanism and the Shamanic Journey
  • Shamanic Journey Foundations
  • Deepening Your Shamanic Practice
  • Shamanic Healing Journey Circle
Spirit Paths™, the program and book, have been called "life changing" by participants and readers alike. Developed in 2007, the program has grown into a 6-month immersive learing experience. Visit the Spirit Paths website for information and descriptive video.

The book, which includes the core content of the program, was first printed in December 2013. It received the Grand Prize award of The Indie Spiritual Book Awards the following summer. It is now available in Kindle and audiobook editions.
Read the TISBA judge's review

The Spirit Paths program consists of three key workshop series:
  • The Shaman's Journey, ideal for those new to shamanic practice
  • The Spirit Paths: Quest For Authenticity six-month worshop series
  • Path of the Mystic, for graduates of the Spirit Paths program

Each program is based on didactic content, experiential exercises, and daily practices, so you are able to take the material into everyday life and learn from experience.
See what past participants have to say about Spirit Paths...

Personal Space (guided imagery)
Earth and Sun Meditiation
Bowl and Drum Journey (live)
Spirit Paths
The Shamanic Journey (Kindle)
Power Animals (Kindle)
Conversations Within (Kindle)
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